English>Chinese marketing/business/technical translations with your target audiences in mind

You probably want to know more about the person handling your texts ...

My name is Echo Wu, and I am a full-time professional translator. If you need to get your documents, web content or software translated from English into Chinese, then I can help. Born to Vietnamese-Chinese parents (who don't read) and inspired by my bilingual grandfather (who spoke and wrote Vietnamese and Chinese), I have always been amazed at the power of languages.

I can translate texts in a variety of formats, including .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .html, etc. I regard myself as a general translator, but I have experience in various subject fields and satisfied/repeat clients from around the world. My native language is Chinese, and I speak Mandarin ("Putonghua", the official spoken language of China) AND Cantonese (which is spoken in Hong Kong and some southern cities in China) every day. I began learning English at the age of 11, received my bachelor's degree in English Education in 2005 along with my Teacher's Certificate conferred by the Chinese Ministry of Education, and had worked in a multilingual company at management level for 4 years before I chose to be a full-time freelance translator in June 2009.


I enjoy translation and take it seriously. For that reason I became a Full Member of the professional portal Proz.com, a Master Member at another acclaimed portal Translatorscafe.com, and Associate Member of the Amercian Translators Association (ATA).
Over the years, I have been providing quality translations to agencies and direct clients alike, and most of my satisfied/repeat clients are from the following industries: tourism & travel, hospitality, luxury (e.g. watches, automobile, fashion), food & beverage, IT, and market research. However, I rarely shy away from challenges where my new or regular clients require translations of "technical documents for marketing purpose". After all, with THE target audience in mind, many of such texts are meant to be read and understood by consumers in general - in many cases including me.